Lei Acupuncture & Herb, TCM, Sunnyvale, South Bay
Lei Acupuncture & Herb, TCM, Sunnyvale, South Bay
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Rotem N, Sunnyvale, CA

Dr Lei cures from Migraines!!! 

I was suffering from Migraines for 1.5 month, it happened everyday and prevented me from doing anything, my physician couldn't help with all her conventional medications, then I decided to try Acupuncture. I found Dr Lei on yelp, I scheduled an appointment and came to see her. I didn't know what to expect as I never had acupuncture before, Dr Lei was very welcoming and she explained the treatment, she questioned me about my daily schedule, eating habits and medical history and gave free advices for healthy living, what should I eat and what not, etc. Her clinic is very clean and she always make sure you are comfortable.
I had total of 4 treatments, each time the gap between the migrants attacks increased, after the 4th time, it didn't came back, for the last 3 months I didn't suffer even once. 
If you are suffering from Migraines - this is the place you should go! 





Tali D. Curpertino, CA

I have six months’ chemotherapy, I was very weak, I could eat nothing and nausea. My friend introduces me to Lei Acupuncture & Herb Clinic. I had breast cancer since 2009 and lately in July start the chemotherapy and that made my body very weak since January 2016. Dr. Lei helps me with acupuncture and Chinese medicines and even my CT scan result are get improved. The treatment and herbs helps me sleep well during night, I do not have sweat and diarrhea anymore. I lose 50lb before I met Dr. Lei and she helps me to gain my appetite. Also she helps me with the back pain I had. She helps me get rid of the pain in my back. I am able now to do what I was not before. I was very sick and stay in the bed most of the day, but now I get my energy back. 





vonnie N. San Francisco, CA

I'm writing a review on behalf of my mom who is Dr. Lei's patient. My mom had a "frozen" shoulder where she wasn't able to raise her arm up past 90 degrees for over a year now. She's gone to different acupuncture doctors but has never experienced much improvement. After only a week of acupuncture with Dr. Lei my moms arm feels a lot better!





Sally G, San Mateo, CA

I went to see Melinda Lei due to an awful cold/ cough. My cough was very strong and was only getting worse. I'm new to the area and decided to take a leap of faith based on the positive reviews. 
Melinda was very sweet and took her time understanding my current situation and recommended acupuncture and herbs. She checked up on me throughout the day and within 24 hours my cough was very light and almost gone. All my other body aches were completely gone. She asked that I return to get another herb to help heal my lungs since my cough was so severe. I felt SO much better! 
I would go back to her for other issues in the future!





Christy T, Sunnyvale, CA

Dr Lei is amazing. She prescribed acupuncture for w virus I had picked up, and within 10 minutes into the session I was no longer congested. The herbs she gave cleared the virus in 3 days. I had this awful virus before I saw Dr Lei for 9 days and I was not getting better at all. I am so grateful for Dr Lei. I will be back the next time I get a virus.  If you have never tried traditional Chinese medicine, you should give Dr Lei try. You won't regret it. She also takes insurance, which is really wonderful.




Albert D, Los Altos, CA

I had an arm injury more than a year ago. It was kind of minor, and the doctor who saw me at the urgent care told me that it was not a big deal at all. However, it left a lingering pain near my elbow area. It was indeed not that bad, but just kept bothering me. I saw quite a few doctors, and saw some acupuncturists in the last year or so. The treatment by an acupuncturist seemed to work, but the lingering pain came back no more than a week after I stopped seeing them.

Recently I got referred to Ms Lei's practice. After my 1st visit, the pain got better already, and she said that the pain would likely be all gone if I came back for a couple of more acupuncturing sessions in the next week or so. Somewhat dubious, I decided to go back for the 2nd session. To my pleasant surprise, I didn't feel any pain in the area at all after it, and the pain doesn't come back any more now that it has been a few weeks since my last treatment. I'll definitely see her again if I've any pain related issues.





H B, Brentwood, CA

I got a very bad cold in Dec with fever, cough, runny nose and headache. I did not take any medication and thought that I would sleep it off, but it got worse on the third day. I went to see Ms. Lei. She treated me with acupuncture, at the end of which my cough reduced and headache was gone. She also gave me some herb to take home. I followed her directions to drink the herb tea at home. The next day my fever and runny nose was gone.  I have never had a cold gone away so quickly.

After having a good experience, I decided to take my young son to see Ms. Lei. He was 2 year and 8 months old. About a year ago, he started having trouble gaining weight. The main cause was he had very little appetite. We had seen dietician for a year. Even though we tried everything the dietician suggested, he still did not want to eat much and meal time was always a struggle. After diagnosis, Ms. Lei gave me some herbs for him to drink at home. After two days drinking the herb tea, my little boy started eating double serving size that he used to eat at meal time. He would sit down at the table by himself and feed himself. No more chasing him around for feeding! He also started eating the foods he used to reject.  We saw the dietician 2.5 weeks after he saw Ms. Lei. The dietician was surprised about his weight gain.

I also have chronicle pain in my right leg, elbow and wrist. My case has been challenge because there are some many pain points to treat. I have had a few sessions and things are already improving noticeably. Combining with acupuncture, she also gives me herbs to use at home, when I can't make it to the clinic at the frequency needed due to my schedule. She has been very patient and finding ways to accommodate my schedule.

Ms. Lei is passionate about helping her patients. She takes time during the treatment sessions and never rushes them. She follows up and checks effectiveness of the treatments, answers questions, and provides advice of care at home.

I highly recommend Ms. Lei. If you have a problem, you definitely should give yourself a chance to get better quickly by seeing her.





Pat C, Cupertino, CA
I had severe facial pain for months due to trigeminal neuralgia. Lei Min treated me using acupuncture with great success. It took a few visits, each time I felt the pain lessening.

Lei Min is very experienced in acupuncture. She's really interested in helping people. I will seek her help again if needed.





Peng G, Sunnyvale, CA

I'm young and in reasonably good health. However, I had been suffering from constipation for a while - I had to sit for a long time, frequently, almost an hour, for stool to come out. Needless to say it was embarrassing and irritating, and many times, drove crazy people who had the bad luck to wait for the bathroom occupied by  me. Unfortunately there didn't seem to be an effective treatment affordable to me, until I tried Melinda Lei's treatment via acupuncture. Hard to believe, but 15 minutes into my first acupuncture session, I had to ask her to remove the needles in a hurry so I would run to the toilet in time for (s...., you guess it). After a couple of follow-up sessions, i'm not bothered by constipation any more





Jullie P, Mountain View, CA

Min Lei is friendly and knowledgeable. After getting acupuncture treatment for a month for my neck and shoulder pain, I felt much better and can raise my arm without any problem.



I heard of Dr. Lei from a friend and took my mom to see her recently. My mom has chronic shoulder and back pain, which has bothered her for a long time. Several different medicines and treatments were tried before while not much improvement. After careful and professional diagnosis, Dr. Lei recommended acupuncture therapy with some Chinese herb to my mom and this actually has been quite effective. My mom feels much better on her shoulders and back now after several sessions of treatment and the pain is simply gone. We are really grateful for Dr. Lei's excellent work! 

Not only being very knowledgeable, Dr. Lei is also a very friendly person and cares a lot to her patients. My mom felt very comfortable every time seeing her. I highly recommend Dr. Lei to everyone who is seeking medical help.




Lucy L, San Jose, CA

I have been having sharp pain in my lower abdomen due to endometriosis. Aside from the pain,  endometriosis has affected me in my overall energy, poor appetite due to hormonal imbalance. Dr Lei treated me with herbs and acupuncture for 6 weeks. The degree of pain have reduced and my overall health has improved. 
Dr. Lei is a caring physician and I will continue my treatment.





Sara P, Sunnyvale, CA

Although I've been using yelp for awhile, this is the first time I've felt compelled to write a review.  I went to Dr. Lei for wrist and neck pain that I've been dealing with for years. I feel better after a few visits than I have from dozens of treatments with other types of therapies.  They are also professional and courteous here.  I'm so happy that I found Dr. Lei.





James S, San Jose, CA

A few weeks ago, I went to Dr. Lei's clinic for sciatic pain. She gave me acupuncture treatment two times plus my exercises, now pain was gone totally.





leilei Z, Los Altos, CA

I went to Lei's practice for shoulder pain. Dr. Lei is very kind and patient. She gave me acupuncture treatment a couple of times. When she does it, the needles are not only limited to the problem area, they cover the surrounding areas as well. Every time, I walked out of her clinic feeling refreshed. She prescribes herb medicine as well. I would go to her office again if needed in the future.





Sg S, San Jose, CA

I have been suffering from  some bleeding, discomfort and irritation passing stool for more than a year. I also had a history of constipation. The condition was in someways chronic and very uncomfortable. Ms Lei treated me with acupuncture as well as herbs and even provided an ointment. From the first acupuncture session, the condition started improving, Over a period of 5 sessions, there has been marked improvement and I feel so much better and the symptoms have totally disappeared. I found Lei to be very considerate, helpful and caring person. She follows up on each visit, checks on progress before providing the next treatment. I would definitely go back to her for any  health issues in the future.





Wenbin H, San Mateo, CA

I go to GYM regularly if it is not everyday. A while back, I hurt my left elbow when I worked on bench press exercise. Actually the elbow pain was developed gradually. I don't really recall when the pain starts, but the pain become worse and worse, and in the end I have to stop my bench press workout, and hope my elbow can self recovery.  After 2-3 weeks, the pain gets better, but I found my arm can't go straight.  

I was referred to Ms.Lei's Acupuncture practice. To be honest, it was my first time to try Acupuncture treatment. To my surprise, after three sessions in a week with Ms Lei, my elbow pain goes away completely, and my arm can go straight again.   Actually I have restarted my bench press workout last week, and don't feel any pain at all in my left elbow.

I strongly recommend Ms Lei Acupuncture practice to anyone with sport related pain issues. I will definitely see her again if I have similar pain issues in the future



WX 38 years old (Los Gatos) : 
I had suffered vaginitis for more than 2 years before I knew Dr. Melinda Lei. The itching and burning drove me crazy! my friend recommended me to see Dr. Melinda Lei, a professional Chinese Doctor. She treated my vaginitis with acupuncture and herbs in 2 cycles. So far I have been totally free from that uncomfortable vaginitis about one year. My life quality was highly improved. Dr. Lei also treated my cold, coughing, headache as well as other women disease. I recommend Dr. Melinda Lei to all my friends.

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