Lei Acupuncture & Herb, TCM, Sunnyvale, South Bay
Lei Acupuncture & Herb, TCM, Sunnyvale, South Bay
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Sub-health condition is defined by the World Health Organization as a state between health and disease when all necessary physical and chemical indexes are tested negative by medical equipments, things seem normal but the person experiences all kind of discomfiture and even pain.

Criteria of Sub-health Condition

If you suffer from the following symptoms you probably are in this condition:


* You have chronic fatigue complex as results of over taxing physical and mental work or long term stress, such as insomnia, forgetfulness, somnolence, profuse dreaming, dizziness, distention in the head, mental fatigue, cumbersome limbs, shoulder and back soreness, lack of concentration, proneness to flu and cold, etc.;


* You have a poor appetite, dizzy head and vision, depression and fright, vexation, agitation, irascibility, tidal fever, vacuity sweating, congestion, short of breath, general body weakness, irregular menses, poor sexual performance which are the results of endocrine disorders, menopausal complex and aging; 


*You experience vacuity sweating, congestion, short of breath, palpitation, dizzy head and vision, and general lack of strength, which occur after a serious illness or chronic diseases.


*In a sense sub-health is more dangerous than disease. Ask yourself a common sense question: What is more dangerous, when you know the enemy or when you do not?


*Sub-health is a critical state between health and disease, or a gray state of health. The body has a weak immune system and pathogens may invade easily and seriously, and it is more dangerous also because most people neglect it and many therefore get into serious troubles.


Traditional Chinese medicine is the best choice for sub-health care. In addition to acupuncture and herbs, Dr. Lei will give her suggestion on diet and lifestyle.

We provide individual care for sub-health people with a membership discount package:



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