Lei Acupuncture & Herb, TCM, Sunnyvale, South Bay
Lei Acupuncture & Herb, TCM, Sunnyvale, South Bay
炎黄中医研治中心 Lei Acupuncture & Herb, Traditional Chinese Medicine
       炎黄中医研治中心Lei Acupuncture & Herb, Traditional Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture, in combination with Chinese Herbs, have been applied to help with different types of mental disorders and other common disorders, such as insomnia, obesity, etc.


Simple Obesity

Obesity refers to a disorder due to accumulation of fat in the body resulting from biochemical and physiological functional changes. Clinically body weight increase by 20% more than the standard level, and usually accompanied by abnormal changes of appetite and sleep, sweating, dry mouth, and abnormal stool is generally diagnosed as obesity. Chinese Medicine believes that obesity is mainly due to disorder of the spleen and stomach as well as dysfunction of defensive qi. The pathological changes are disturbances of yin-yang and qi-blood, namely, blood excess and qi deficiency, yin superiority and yang inferiority. While if insufficiency of water and transformation of qi, obesity may also occur.



Insomnia refers to an illness often unable to have normal sleep. It is marked by difficulty to sleep, or easiness to wake up, or inability to sleep after waking up, or sleep and awakening alternatively or even no sleep all night. Insomnia often occurs together with headache, dizziness, palpitation and amnesia. It is usually caused by anxiety, overstrain, emotional upsets, weakness and prolonged duration of illness, and improper diet, which lead to dysfunction of the heart, liver, spleen and kidney as well as deficiency of yin-blood, as a result, the heart-spirit is affected. Insomnia is mainly seen in neurosis in modern medicine.



Melancholy is a common mental disorder clinically, characterized by emotional depression and downcast, apprehension, excitement, loss of interest to outside world, and decline of self-worth. It may mostly occur in people who have excessive congenital Yin Qi, or are prissy. It pertains to “depressive psychosis”, “depression syndrome” in Chinese Medicine.

The chief manifestation is emotional depression and downcast, apprehension, excitement and apathy.



Anorexia is one kind of the mental disease, mainly seen in young women from teens to thirty years old. But about one third patients may be boys and young men. People in other age stage or who need maintaining body weight due to professional demands may also suffer from anorexia. The clinical manifestations are digestive dysfunction, even loss of appetite. It belongs to the categories of “anorexia” and “poor appetite” in Chinese Medicine, usually caused by improper diet, leading to impairment of the spleen and stomach, resulting in poor receiving of the stomach and dysfunction of the spleen.





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