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We provide Amethyst Biomat Heat Therapy in our clinic. It will manage your body pain, headache, immunity improvement and detox.

The Richway Amethyst BioMat 7000mx is an infrared therapeutic medical device that uses far infrared technology to improve wellness and health. Amethyst is universally accepted as a crystal with healing properties. The BioMat combines a breakthrough in medical science with traditional healing techniques.

Information about BIOMAT

Biomat 7000mx

The Biomat 7000MX is used by thousands of people around the world to live healthier, happier lives. We guarantee that you will enjoy it as much as they do, and that it will help to ease the symptoms of your health conditions.


The new BioMat 7000mx controller has an advanced I.C. chip that controls electromagnetic waves, protecting you from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation.


Unlike an electric blanket, the Richway BioMat does not get hot when it is turned on. When you lie down on the mat, the pad and your body warm as the infrared waves penetrate deep into your body. Far infrared rays penetrate 6 inches and benefit blood vessels, organs, lymph glands and the deepest parts of our body.

The Biomat EMF Inteceptor
The BioMat 7000mx controller acts as an EMF interceptor that behaves similar to a lightning rod. The EMF interceptor safely conducts the negative EMF away from you into ground. This feature blocks your exposure to EMF, offering you and your family protection from these harmful fields. Electric blankets and other infrared devices do not offer the advanced EMF protection of the Amethsyt Biomat 7000mx.



EMF (electromagnetic Fields) is a term used to describe the invisible electric and magnetic fields radiating away from manmade alternating electrical current. EMF radiates from all electrical appliances in the home, office or factory, in cars, trucks, buses and overhead tram and train lines.

Infrared rays provide a deep penetrating warmth and help to relax tense muscles. The infrared rays in the Amethyst BioMat are the same rays that are found in natural sunshine. The deep warmth of the infrared soothes aching joints and muscles. The BioMat 7000mx can also raise the internal body temperature, helping to stimulate the immune system. Long sessions on the mat can induce a toxin-eliminating sweat. Your overall health, vitality and resistance to disease will be strengthened.


The gentle warmth of infrared has been described as deeply nourishing and relaxing, and can soothe stress and knotted muscles. You will feel rejuvenated and renewed, calm in body and mind.

The BioMat's unique medical and therapeutic properties are based on Nobel prize-winning research into ionic channels and the same infrared technology that NASA identified as the safest and most beneficial type of light wave. By producing deep-penetrating, far infrared rays along with negative ions that activate the body at the molecular level, the BioMat is capable of administering deep soothing stimulation.

BioMat is capable of addressing a wide range of health issues.

* Relieves minor muscle pain in areas where applied

*Increases blood circulation in areas where applied

* Reduces stress and fatigue

*Soothes and relaxes

*Eases minor joint pain, and stiffness

*Supports the immune system

*Improved sleep (if associated with pain relief)

*Reduced inflammation (where applied)

*Increased tissue oxygen (due to increased circulation where applied)

*Temporary relief of Minor muscular back pain

*Temporary relief of sprains and strains

*Temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain and stiffness

*Temporary relief of joint pain associated with arthritis

*Temporary relief of muscle spasms

*Temorary increase of local circulation where applied

*Relaxation of muscles

*Promotes relaxation by application of heat

*Promotes restful sleep for those with occasional sleeplessness

Introduction and Benefits of using Biomat.

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