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Traditional Chinese Medicine - Effective Immune Tea for COVID-19 Treatments

Dr. Melinda Lei has been using herb formulas to help patients with coronavirus ( COVID-19 ). Why Dr.Lei's herb formulas are effective for you? Because they will be prescripted for individuals. During the pandemic, patients can be seen online with FaceTime or Wechat. Then the herb formula powder will be pick up on the curbside, which is ready to be mixed with warm water for drinking like tea, which is named "Immune Tea".


Early intervention of traditional Chinese medicine has shown great advantages in preventing and treating COVID19 in China. Traditional Chinese medicine has played an active role in reducing patients' clinical symptoms with COVID19, shortening the treatment cycle, reducing the "gravity rate" and increasing the cure rate. In the different stages and clinical syndromes of COVID19, the herb formulas are also different, which fully reflects the core idea of ​​TCM syndrome differentiation and treatment. Based on the pathogenic mechanism of COVID19 "cold and damp disease poisoning and pathogenic qi that cause lung failure", and combined with the infectious pathogens of western medicine on the basis of the cold and damp syndrome of traditional Chinese medicine, the "human coronavirus pneumonia cold and wet The mouse model of the disease-symptom combination of the disease-invasion syndrome" became the first animal model of disease-symptom combination similar to the pathological changes of new coronary pneumonia. This animal model was used to verify the efficacy of the series of prescriptions recommended in the new coronary pneumonia diagnosis and treatment plan. It was found that these drugs can significantly reduce lung inflammatory damage in model mice, reduce the viral load and inflammatory factor content in lung tissue, and increase the proportion of immune cells in peripheral blood (According to the research of the Chinese Medical Sciences Institute)


Light to heavy symptoms formulas (for reference only)

  • Light type: cold dampness and stagnation of lung

Recommended formula: cold-damp disease prescription, basic prescription: raw ephedra 6g, raw gypsum 15g, almond 9g, Qianghuo 15g, Tinglizi 15g, Guanzhong 9g, Dilong 15g, Xu Changqing 15g, Huoxiang 15g, Peilan 9g, Atractylodes 15g, Yunling 45g, Raw Atractylodes 30g, Jiao Sanxian 9g, Magnolia officinalis 15g, Jiao Betel Nut 9g, Simmering Grass Fruit 9g, Ginger 15g

  • Light: Damp heat accumulates lungs

Recommended formula: betel nut 10g, grass fruit 10g, magnolia officinalis 10g, anemarrhena 10g, scutellaria 10g, Bupleurum 10g, red peony root 10g, forsythia 15g, artemisia annua 10g (back), atractylodes 10g, large green leaf 10g, raw Licorice 5g

  • Common type: damp toxin and stagnation of lung

Recommended formula: Xuanfeibaidu prescription, basic prescription:: raw ephedra 6g, bitter almond 15g, raw gypsum 30g, raw coix seed 30g, grass atractylodes 10g, patchouli 15g, artemisia 12g, polygonum cuspidatum 20g, verbena 30g, 30g dried reed root, 15g Tinglizi, 15g orange red, 10g raw licorice

  • Common type: cold and dampness block lung

Recommended formula: 15g of Cangzhu, 10g of dried tangerine peel, 10g of Magnolia officinalis 10g, Agastache 10g, Caoguo 6g, Ephedra 6g, Qianghuo 10g, Ginger 10g, Betel nut 10g

  • Severe: Epidemic virus closes the lungs

Recommended formula: Huashi Baidu prescription, basic prescription: raw ephedra 6g, almond 9g, raw gypsum 15g, licorice 3g, ageratum 10g (back part), magnolia officinalis 10g, atractylodes 15g, grass fruit 10g, pinellia 9g, poria cocos 15g, raw rhubarb 5g (after the next), raw astragalus 10g, Tinglizi 10g, red peony 10g

  • Heavy: Qiying two burnt

Recommended formula: raw gypsum 30~60g (decoction first), 30g anemarrhena, 30-60g raw ground, 30g buffalo horn (decoction first), red peony 30g, scrophulariaceae 30g, forsythia 15g, paeonol 15g, coptis 6g, bamboo leaves 12g, Tinglizi 15g, raw licorice 6g

  • Recovery period: Deficiency of lung and spleen Qi

Recommended formula: 9g of Pinellia ternata, 10g of dried tangerine peel, 15g of Codonopsis, 30g of Astragalus root, 10g of Atractylodes Root, 15g of Poria, 10g of Agastache, 6g of Amomum (back), 6g of Licorice

  • Recovery period: Qi and Yin deficiency

Recommended formula: 10g each of southern and northern Adenophora, 15g of Ophiopogon japonicus, 6g of American ginseng, 6g of Schisandra, 15g of raw gypsum, 10g of pale bamboo leaves, 10g of mulberry leaves, 15g of reed root, 15g of salvia 15g, and 6g of raw licorice


The quantities of the herbs above are based on dry herbs. For the Science Herb Powder which has been used in the US the quantity of the herb should be 1/5 of the dry herb.


Covid-19 self-diagnosis method

First, determine if you have the most common symptoms of new coronary pneumonia listed above, including fever, dry cough, dry mouth and thirst, thirst and drinking water, bitter mouth, shortness of breath, and shortness of breath.
Second, determine if the tongue coating is very thick and rotten.

Third, as long as there is a common symptom and a very noticeable thick and rotten tongue, it is a pity that you are successful. If there are multiple symptoms of thick and greasy moss, the Covid-19 is undoubted.
Other factors for self-diagnosis

Of course, in the self-diagnosis, you can also consider whether there is a history of direct and indirect contact with patients with the new crown and the impact of tourism. However, with the expansion of the infected population and many asymptomatic carriers, these factors will become more difficult to track and use. However, the accuracy of self-diagnosis based on symptoms and tongue images is very high.

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