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Lei Acupuncture & Herb, TCM, Sunnyvale, South Bay
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Traditional Chinese Medicine Effect on Coronavirus

Dr. Melinda Lei will use herb formulas to help patients with coronavirus ( Covid-19 ). The patients can be seen over internet videos. The herb formula powder is ready to be mixed with warm water for drinking like tea. 

Chinese medicine applies the whole process of new crown pneumonia treatment. For mild patients and patients with common symptoms, Chinese medicine should participate in early intervention; for severe patients, once the dangerous period has passed, integrated Chinese and western medicine can be used for treatment.


Covid-19 self-diagnosis method

First, determine if you have the most common symptoms of new coronary pneumonia listed above, including fever, dry cough, dry mouth and thirst, thirst and drinking water, bitter mouth, shortness of breath, and shortness of breath.
Second, determine if the tongue coating is very thick and rotten.

Third, as long as there is a common symptom and a very noticeable thick and rotten tongue, it is a pity that you are successful. If there are multiple symptoms of thick and greasy moss, the Covid-19 is undoubted.
Other factors for self-diagnosis

Of course, in the self-diagnosis, you can also consider whether there is a history of direct and indirect contact with patients with the new crown and the impact of tourism. However, with the expansion of the infected population and many asymptomatic carriers, these factors will become more difficult to track and use. However, the accuracy of self-diagnosis based on symptoms and tongue images is very high.

Hospital test

Although the above self-diagnosis method is easy to use and has a high accuracy rate, it does not replace your hospital examination. The advantage of self-diagnosis is to let you know that you are sick the first time, so go to the hospital for a formal test to confirm. The important reason for hospital testing is to hope for effective isolation and treatment as soon as possible to prevent transmission to family members and others.


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